About us

welcome to kawaii as bro, my store! kawaii is Japanese for cute and as bro is an expression us Kiwis like to use to add emphasis. kawaii as bro is my lovechild, a cute, dreamy mix of Japanese fashion and Kiwiness. 

this is me
, Mimei. usually you'll find me busy pouring all my creative juices (steamy...) into creating videos on YouTube. living in Japan has really stoked my ~passion for fashion~ and for YEARS i've dreamt of creating something you can wear! this is it! 

it took a tumultuous  3+ years to bring this shop to fruition but it's finally here and i hope you will love it! if you have any questions, email the store or hit me up on twitter for the fastest response. 

another way you can support my channel is by making an one-off donation. i'll be very, very grateful for any donation, no matter how small. 

♡ mimei